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ritter and danielson consulting


Ritter and DanielsonPosted by christian ritter Sat, October 05, 2013 16:14:31
Welcome to this very basic web presence.

Ritter and Danielson Consulting provides assistance and training in
- statistical data analysis
- statistical software development and deployment
- statistical design of experiments.

We have worked for a wide range of clients in
- polymer production and processing,
- glass manufacturing,
- electricity and gas distribution,
- medical supplies and pharmaceuticals,
- market research,
- mining,
and metal casting.

Our areas of special expertise are
- custom graphical displays to visual complex data,
- advanced statistical software development,
- Excel-based interfaces to advanced statistical graphics and analysis,
- assistance in the design and deployment of statistical quality control techniques,
as well as custom design of experimental and observational studies.

We collaborate with a network of other experts and can provide integrated solutions covering multiple areas of expertise.

Curious about what we could do for you? Send us an email at info@r-and-d.be and we'll get in touch with you.

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Excel courses

Ritter and DanielsonPosted by christian ritter Sat, October 05, 2013 16:00:35
Advanced Excel for Data Analysis
We can provide training in the following subjects in English, French and German.

1 Day, theme: Visual clarity
Module A1: Formating
Module A2: Graphics

1 Day, theme: Efficient analysis

Module A3: Managing data and calculations
Module A4: Tabulation

1 Day, theme: Automation and migration

Module A5: VBA macros
Module A6: Simulation in Excel

Course location:
Monnet Center International Laboratory, Avenue Jean Monnet 1, B1348 Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium.
Course fees per person (minimum 5 participants)
120 EUR for one module, 200 EUR for two modules.

Course participants should have active knowledge of working with excel (selecting ranges, using basic formulas, using basic charts).
Please bring your own laptop with Excel installed on it.

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Warum nicht

PoetryPosted by christian ritter Mon, September 10, 2007 16:56:26
Bei der Neurologie merkt man am besten, dass das Denken ein Ende hat. [CG]

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